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The TruGrit Wheel Provides Maximum Traction In All Pipe Types And Conditions

The TruGrit® carbide grit polymer wheel uses patented technology embedding grit throughout the entire tread, so even as the tire wears, grit is constantly being exposed to the pipe for the life of the wheel…unlike the steel carbide grit wheel which begins to wear smooth fairly quickly and becomes less effective over time.

Another advantage the TruGrit® carbide grit polymer hybrid wheel has is flexibility.  Similar to letting air out of your truck tires to gain traction in mud or snow, the TruGrit® generates a larger footprint in the pipe gaining more traction.  The steel carbide grit wheels only contact the pipe at various high grit points giving it a much smaller footprint in the pipe.

Lastly, the TruGrit® carbide grit polymer wheels will not damage plastic and lined pipe like the steel carbide grit wheels can.  Again, due to its flexibility, the TruGrit® carbide grit polymer will not cut into any pipe type.  This flexibility also enables the transporter to mitigate obstacles such as tight inverts in the manhole without getting hung up.

Check out this video to see the TruGrit® carbide grit polymer wheels in action versus the steel carbide grit wheels. TruGrits In Action







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