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Transporter Crawler with TruGrit Gritted Wheels - Demonstrating durable and reliable traction for sewer inspection and maintenance

Shop gritted cleats, carbide gritted wheels, and hubs compatible with OEM's: Cues, Aries Envirosight, IBAK, Rausch, Subsite, and Mini-Cam. With over 30 years of combined experience engineering and testing Pipeline Video Inspection Equipment, TruGrit Traction has developed traction products, such as gritted cleats and carbide gritted wheels that have proven to optimize the performance of camera transporters and self propelled lateral reinstatement cutters in varying pipe types and conditions.

Our latest innovation, the Pearpoint Compatible Wheels, sets a new standard in durability and performance. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment, these wheels ensure smooth operation and enhanced efficiency. Whether you’re navigating challenging sewer systems or need reliable traction, TruGrit Traction’s wheels deliver exceptional results, helping you maintain productivity and reliability in all your underground inspection tasks. Explore our cutting-edge solutions and elevate your equipment’s capabilities with TruGrit Traction.

TruGrit® Steel | IBAK T66-Compatible for 6 Inch Pipe, fitting the T66 Sewer Camera Transporter.  Each wheel includes all mounting hardware with everything you need to be up an running in 6 Inch pipe.  Stop struggling in greasy pipe with your standard OEM wheels and order your TruGrit STEELS for 6 inch pipe today. 6 Inch TruGrit® STEEL IBAK Compatible wheel is guaranteed to aid your Camera Transporter model in moving through greasy pipes. Greasy pipes can often cause problems due to these type of machines losing grip during the inspection process. This will ensure that your Camera Transporter model will not run into that problem.

Discover our premium sewer crawler wheels, proudly made in the USA, designed for unparalleled performance and compatibility with leading OEM brands in the industry. These wheels are expertly crafted to seamlessly work with systems from Cues, Aries Envirosight, IBAK, Rausch, Subsite, and Mini-Cam, ensuring a perfect fit for a diverse range of sewer inspection equipment. Built with durability and reliability in mind, our wheels offer exceptional traction and stability, significantly enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your sewer crawlers. Ideal for navigating challenging environments and conducting comprehensive inspections, our sewer crawler wheels are a testament to superior American manufacturing. Shop now and upgrade your sewer inspection systems with wheels that embody quality, compatibility, and American craftsmanship.

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Shop a wide variety of manhole tools, poles, and rollers, specifically designed for mainline cleaning and video inspection contractors and municipal agencies.  Our products are crafted for durability and ease of use, catering to the demanding needs of mainline sewer cleaning and CCTV professionals.  Whether you’re handling a large sewer collections system or on a small contract, our tools are engineered to boost your efficiency and performance. Explore our selection and find the essential tools for any sewer maintenance or contracting job, built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Shop now for reliable, professional-grade manhole tools.

Shop now for the GP Sewer Jet Cam, a game-changer in sewer inspection technology. Equipped with a Tier 2 nozzle, GP Sewer Cam seamlessly integrates with your jetter, tailored to your specific requirements. Experience unparalleled picture quality with its 5K resolution capability, surpassing current industry standards. This camera utilizes GoPro-proven technology, including cloud services and backend support, elevating it above other market options.

The GP Sewer Cam offers a GoPro subscription at $49.99/year, ensuring guaranteed camera replacement, unlimited cloud backup at full quality, and automatic cloud uploads. It facilitates instant communication, allowing you to send pictures to supervisors or project engineers via text or email instantly. With the capability to record video over the entire length of the jetter hose, the GP Sewer Cam ensures comprehensive coverage of your inspection needs.

Designed for durability, the GP Sewer Cam features a robust 304 Stainless Steel construction, making it suitable for 6″-18″ pipes. Its assembly and disassembly are straightforward, requiring only a crescent wrench and a 5/32 allen head wrench. Weighing just 4 1/2lbs, it’s easy to handle, and comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects of the camera housing, skid, and jet. The GP Sewer Cam is not just a camera; it’s a durable, efficient, and essential tool for every professional in the sewer industry. Shop now and transform your sewer inspection proces

View and record footage of the sewer line in 5K resolution. This is actual footage from the GP Sewer Cam

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Your Only Online Source For Quality Pipeline Video Inspection Equipment Parts Proudly Engineered, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA

Our team of expert professionals at TruGrit Traction tests, engineers, and manufactures traction products for your sewer crawlers. Our focus is gritted cleats and carbide gritted wheels, to optimize the performance of camera transporters and self-propelled lateral reinstatement cutters. This provides the best performance in a variety of pipe types and conditions.

We understand that sewer crawler equipment is expensive and overpriced. This is why we manufacture all of our products in the United States, using quality materials that surpass OEM specifications. This translates to a much lower cost for you and your business.

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Sewer Camera Crawler with TruGrit Traction Wheels - Demonstrating reliable traction and maneuverability for sewer inspection
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