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Fits Aries Crawlers in 8″ Pipe
No need for a hub adapter-mounts directly to Aries crawler

TruGrit Steel | 8″ Pipe | Aries Compatible


TruGrit Steel | 8″ Pipe | Aries Compatible

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Fits Aries crawlers with no need for a hub adapter.  The weight alone will significantly increase traction, not to mention the aggressive carbide grit, wide footprint, and innovative design with enhanced pipe contact.

Part Number: WS-8A-SC
Applications: Aries Badger & Pathfinder

The Aries Compatible 8” Steel Carbide Grit Wheel attaches to your sewer camera transporter to effectively move through your clients’ pipelines. The Aries Compatible 8” Steel Carbide Grit Wheel allows your sewer crawler to gain traction in greasy and dirty pipelines.

The materials we use to make our products at TruGrit Traction are high-quality and long-lasting. The wheels of your sewer crawler allow you to inspect a variety of pipe materials like HDPE, concrete, cast iron, clay, PVC, and HDPE. Sewer camera transporters can also reveal a variety of problems within a pipe system like breaks, blockages, clogs, cracks, tree root invasion, and corrosion in addition to identifying the age of the system you are inspecting. The Aries Compatible 8” Steel Carbide Grit Wheel is a trusted wheel replacement that you can count on.

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Aries Compatible 8
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 1 reviews
 by Robert Tiegs
Looking for this for years

For years Ive been looking for and wanting a wheel that can navigate through the ever growing amount of PVC pipe that is replacing the clay sewer pipe. The rubber tires did OK in the clay , but when it came to PVC I was lucky to get out 400ft and that was with an added half hour of slipping on that scum line trying to get to the next manhole. With these TruGrits on my Aries Pathfinder I made it out to 956 ft today and could've made it to 1000 easy. No signs of struggle till 750ft and even the last 60 feet were made easily at 50% speed compared to the agonizing slipping and sliding the other wheels gave me. This fantastic new product paid for themselves in the 1 st week of our annual sewer inspections. Another time saver is when you get to those busy intersections and you can bypass it because of the extra range or another choice of doing a reverse flow inspection that would be unthinkable with other wheels. Or getting past those cars that seem to always park right on top of the manhole you need to get in. Me and a couple other sewer camera operators have been looking for a product that does exactly what these TruGrit wheels do for over a decade. Here they are. They work great ! Ten Stars !

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Weight 567.0 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm
Great Alternative To OEM Wheels
Great Alternative To OEM WheelsSteve N.
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We run an IBAK lateral launch system and three CUES CPR systems at our shop, and these wheels have been a great improvement compared to the OEM wheels from both manufacturers. Six months in each truck and still on the first set of Trugrit wheels and they look like they still have many more months of life left. These wheels are far cheaper than the OEM and the traction boost is very helpful when you are dealing with long pipes or pipes that are out in easements behind homes. The IBAK T76 tractor with LISY lateral launch benefits quite a bit in PVC lines as well.
Great Product
Great ProductDale Reber (Tele-Vac)
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I have been using these wheels on an Ibak lateral launcher for the last year. It has always been a real struggle getting my tractor through a line especially in PVC or lined pipe. I no longer have to struggle through a line. The wheels seem durable and have plenty of life left after a year of use. I just ordered a new set for another truck. They have made improvements to the tread and the hub adapters. Which is another thing I like about Trugrit I can use the same wheels on our RST tractor using the RST hub adapter. I will be ordering them for our Rausch trucks as soon as they are available.
Great Wheels
Great WheelsTyler Lang
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Upon receiving this set qty (4) 8“ steel carbide wheels for the rausch l135 system, I was impressed by the quality and durability of the wheels. These wheels have great traction driving in clay pipe, pvc, and concrete. Just having these wheels on our truck has increased the productivity for the company that I work for because we are able to get through pipe faster that would typically be a challenge to drive the tractor through. Also, the gentlemen that we talked to when we ordered the wheels was really professional, resourceful, and helpful. He also assisted us in pulling the order of our wheels right away to ensure a speedy delivery for us. Highly recommendable product and service! Try them out and you will be satisfied!
The TruGrit
The TruGritBrittney Pittsenbarger (JAB COnstruction)
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I’ve been using TruGrit wheels on my SPR2 and LAMP2 for about a year now. I am one to always be hesitant to try a new product when I’m not really having much of an issue with what I was using currently. But I’ve always entrusted my CCTV needs with Tom and I’ve never been steered wrong. Turns out I was right! These TruGrit wheels have great traction on any pipe type and last longer than any other wheel I’ve tried. Definitely looking forward to continuing our use of the TruGrit brand.
TruGrit Wheel Review
TruGrit Wheel ReviewCraig (VWD)
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I have been using the Trugrit wheels on a mini pipe ranger and they have greatly increased the distance I can get the tractor to travel through lines of all types. I have use them daily for the past 6 months and they still have plenty of life in them. I will definitely be ordering more when these wear out.
Way Better
Way BetterKeith Miller (Pipeline Corp.)
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I’m in charge of keeping 48 sewer camera rigs up & going and I’ve been through all the Cues and aftermarket wheel applications for our transporters (LAMP II’s). I have to say that these wheels are (by far) the best option for traction and durability, and easier on the wallet. They do not warp or buckle after a few mainline runs. They keep their form and traction throughout. Actually, the traction improves over wear. Longevity is great too. I will keep buying these wheels and would highly recommend others to do the same.
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