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Finally…a carbide grit wheel that won’t damage that new liner you just installed

All pipe lining contractors…LISTEN UP before you buy another $400 steel carbide grit wheel again!  I am preaching to the choir I know, but I cannot tell you how important it is to proceed with caution when using steel carbide grit wheels in that brand new liner you just installed.  I know the scenario…you need the post video and you need it now.  You want to get paid and move on to the next one, but are you willing to sacrifice the cost of a repair when your operator is spinning in the line for the last 100 feet and shreds up your precious liner.  This video is a perfect example of how much more effective the TruGrit® wheels are over the steel carbide grit wheels.  The TruGrit® is not only more effective in the pipe due to its larger footprint, it is much more cost effective.

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