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The Basics of Using Trenchless Equipment for Your Business

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As pipeline industry retailers, we take pride in delivering honest and trustworthy service to each client that we work with. Whether that means fielding a call and providing guidance on malfunctioning equipment or working with new pipeline professionals to advise them on how to best begin, at TruGrit Traction our customers come first.

We understand the pressure plumbing professionals can be under – emergency calls, high customer expectations, and quick turnaround time for services are all daily concerns for pipeline professionals. There is never a convenient time to need new equipment or parts, but when you do it’s good to know that there are industry experts dedicated to getting you the right equipment, fast.

Whether you’re venturing out on your own to start your own plumbing business or are an established company looking to stay current, purchasing the correct equipment is essential. Each piece of equipment you buy is a critical factor in building or maintaining your reputation and not causing a loss in profit for you or goodwill from your customers.

TruGrit Traction is a trusted retailer of top brands, quality products, and excellent service which are all available to plumbing industry professionals 24/7 through our online store, and we are proud to provide you all of the equipment you’ll need to offer your customers top-of-the-line trenchless repair options. But what are the basics of trenchless repair, and how can offering it help grow your business? Here we’ll provide an overview of a variety of trenchless methods, and how they can work to improve both your customers’ satisfaction and your bottom line.

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What are trenchless repairs?

Trenchless repairs eliminate the need to excavate a property. This means there is no digging of large trenches to directly access the pipes. Instead, all procedures conducted from above ground by inserting equipment into previously existing access points or the use of minimal digging, if needed. Trenchless technologies cover a wide range of services from the smaller projects such as inspections and cleanings to the more major undertakings like total sewer line replacements. Here are some standard trenchless services providers can offer their customers:

Pipe Bursting

This sounds like the exploding of a pipe, and in a way it is. Specialized pipe bursting heads, like those found in the TruGrit online store, are used to remove any sections of pipe that are damaged beyond the scope of traditional repairs. These heads are fed through the existing pipeline, breaking it up and distributing its fragments into the surrounding soil. As it is fed through, a brand new pipe attached to the back of it is immediately put in the old line’s place, allowing for a total replacement without the need to dig. Pipe bursting heads can also be used to install larger pipes for your customers if they find they need to increase their current line’s diameter.

Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are a great way for you to to assess your customer’s pipes without physically accessing them. A high-definition closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera is pushed through the pipes starting at a pre-existing access point, allowing you to capture clear photos and video of the inside of the pipeline. During the process, you’ll be able to detect any issues such as hole or cracks as well as provide an overall evaluation of the pipes and their condition. You’ll also be able to assess the amount of buildup in the pipe, and recommend maintenance schedules based on your findings.

Hydro Jetting

Regular cleanings are critical to your customers getting the longest possible amount of years out of their pipes. Hydro jetting is a method of pipe cleaning that uses a high-pressurized, multi-directional nozzle to clear out any blockages, debris, or corrosion. Clean, potable water is blasted out of the nozzle at 4,000 PSI, cutting like a knife through anything in its path. Tree branches, buildup, and major clogs are all dislodged and washed away from the home or business and into the main sewer. Any corrosive materials are also cleaned off, leaving the insides of your customers’ pipes perfectly clean and at optimum functionality.

Cured-in-Place Pipe

When repairs are necessary, trenchless methods forego accessing the pipes from the exterior and instead address the issues internally. Cured-in-place pipe replacement is essentially a method for creating a new pipe within an old pipe. To do this, a felt tube is coated with a specialized epoxy resin and is inserted into the pipe. Depending on your chosen method of repair, this tube is either filled on the inside and inverted into the line or coated externally and inflated. Both result in the epoxy liner being pressed against the existing pipe’s interior, sealing any cracks, holes, or weak points along the way. After the epoxy is in place, it can be either left to cure ambiently (which takes a few hours) or heat can be used to cut the curing process down to an hour or less.

What plumbing problems can trenchless methods solve?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental processes and tools, let’s dive into what plumbing problems they can solve for your customers. There are endless amounts of things that can go wrong in at any time with a plumbing system and, fortunately, almost all of them can be remedied using trenchless technology.

Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots are a big culprit of blockages in pipes. While we can’t always control nature, we can prevent the impacts it has. Hydro jetting is a great solution to blast away ingrown tree roots to clean the path of the pipes, and CIPP lining will make sure no future roots can get into the line.


Corrosion and build up in pipes can also be cleared with hydro jetting. After years of build up, the layers can become so thick that they can block the flow of water and waste materials from passing freely through the pipes. Hydro jetting can remove this corrosion and keep your customers’ pipes running smoothly.

Pipe Breakage

The best solution for extensive amounts of pipe breakage is a sewer line replacement. This utilizes a bursting head to insert new pipes in place of the old, damaged ones.

Pipeline Cracks

If there are cracks in your customers’ pipe systems, you can use CIPP lining to repair them efficiently and completely. The epoxy resin used for trenchless repairs creates a pipe within their pipe which lasts upwards of 50 years, so you can offer your customers decades of issue-free sewers.

How much can I expect to spend on trenchless repair equipment?

While there is no set answer to this question, there are many options you can consider which will directly impact the cost of your purchase. One of the most important factors in this is where you choose to purchase your equipment.

Buying from Independent Sellers

Some people opt to purchase from online forums such as Craigslist, which opens the avenue of buying from a previous owner at what is typically a cheaper price than the retail value. Unfortunately, along with that discounted price comes the liability of not buying from a trusted seller. What looks good in appearance may not run as smoothly or operate to its fullest potential. Independent sellers also make it harder to track down the exact piece of equipment or part you need. Their items are only available sporadically and in small quantities so your inventory options are greatly diminished.

Buying In-Person from a Retailer

Another option is buying from a trusted company in-store. This method offers the benefits of putting you in contact with a salesperson who knows their industry and gives you access to larger selection of inventory. While it may seem like an added plus to see the equipment that you’ll be investing in, you’re also at risk of inflated prices. Stores need to cover their overhead costs such as personnel and property charges. To cover those fees, prices are raised and the true value is often not honored so the store is able to profit. Moreover, while having a salesperson to answer questions is nice, many work on commission and you may feel pressured into spending more on a piece than you actually need to.

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Benefits of Buying Equipment & Parts Online

Online is quickly becoming the most popular method of buying for consumers across almost every industry – and with good reason. There are many perks to buying online – especially when it’s from a credible and trustworthy company like TruGrit.

Large Inventory

Buying in-person may have some perks, but in a brick and mortar store only so much inventory can fit into the designated space. When buying online, you can get the pieces you need faster due to a larger inventory selection and capacity.

Lower Prices

Online companies often offer far better deals than in-person stores. This is due to the plethora of available items, lower overhead, and consumers being able to go to the competition with the click of a mouse. Additionally, shopping online allows you to easily compare brands, versions, and prices, so you can ensure you’re getting the best quality equipment while sticking to your budget.


When shopping online, you can evaluate other customers’ experiences to make sure the product you’re looking at is right for you. You will be able to read about people’s use of your potential product, so you can know what to expect if you decide to make the purchase.

At TruGrit Traction, we provide top-notch products for all of our sewer pipeline and plumbing contractors and business owners. We provide an online buying experience with the benefit of experienced industry professionals as well as the best brands, services, and prices.

Our website offers an easy-to-navigate platform that allows you to shop in various ways, including by searching for keywords, searching by category, and searching by product. A few of the overall product categories we sell inventory in include: wheels, wheel kits, hub adapters, tracks, tires, tubes, rims, chain links, cleats, tow cables, lifting straps, and more!

Are you a fan of a specific brand? We offer the option to search by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to make your search process easier. All of our parts and manufactured and assembled in the United States. And we are proud to have 30 years combined experience to share with our customers.

Buying equipment, new or used, is a big investment for an established business or a newcomer. We respect that and understand how critical a purchase like this is for the growth and prosperity of your business. While profits are always important, we also know that taking care of your customers the first time around means the most to your business’ longevity and credibility.

If you are in need of new equipment, new parts, or are just browsing for options, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call to talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals or visit the TruGrit Traction inventory page to view our large selection of pipeline equipment and parts today!

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