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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Camera Inspection Wheels

Wheels are an essential part of your camera inspection equipment, and if they don’t work as they should, your business will suffer. This equipment is exposed to a variety of harsh environments and overtime parts will need to be replaced. It can be hard to tell exactly when it’s time to replace your camera inspection wheels, but the following are some telling signs that purchasing a new set from TruGrit Traction is in your best interest:

Traction is key to an effective camera inspection. With continuous use, wheels will lose friction and it will be harder for them to grip to pipe walls.  If you are noticing your wheels are losing traction, it may be worth exploring the many reliable and innovative wheel replacement options from TruGrit.

As with all equipment, age begins to take its toll. If you are using old wheels for your camera inspections, it may be time to consider a replacement option. Newer models will make your service noticeably smoother and more efficient.

An important aspect of camera inspection wheels is their ability to maneuver over obstacles in pipelines. If you are noticing that your wheels are having trouble climbing over obstructions, it is probably time to purchase new ones.

The last thing you want to do to a client’s pipes is cause further damage. If your camera inspection wheels are causing even the slightest amount of damage on the interior walls, it is time to replace them.

It is important to consider the typical size of pipes that your client’s have and be sure to have wheels that can accommodate them. If you have the wrong size, your camera inspection service will be in jeopardy.

If you are worried about the state of your camera inspection wheels, our experts at TruGrit are here to help. We have a variety of innovative and durable wheels to fit any replacement need you may have.

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